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Automatic Machines

Designing automated and complete lines machinery is an area of excellence for Hypertec which has in particular many decades of experience. 


Due to the highest quality standards, Hypertec participates in the creation and definition of solutions for space and aeronautical projects and experiments.


Hypertec takes care for every stage of an automotive: from its design to the management of the prototype and pre-series construction, and also assists the experimental tests on track.

Green Energy

Hypertec deals with the design of clean energy installations, in particular the wind turbines of new generation and the photovoltaic systems.

Oil Gas/Soil Drilling

Hypertec deals with the full design of equipments, platforms and components for the offshore and it provides feasibility studies for the facilities.


Mechanical Design

We develop high-tech mechanical engineering and mechatronics works thanks to the longstanding experience of the staff, involved in different domains and sectors of the industry.

Calculation and Simulations

Thanks to the cooperation with CINECA, Hypertec can offer the most powerful and advanced computational calculation systems, assisted by our qualified engineers.

Testing Facilities Development

Hypertec develops and produces static testing facilities, functional for process and endurance to run analyzes and simulations of systems and kinematical capabilities.

Innovative Projects Development

In case of problems, we may offer innovative solutions and monitor the project development until the product/machinery implementation through innovative services.

Project Management

Hypertec employ a scientific and rigorous approach in projects development, according to a certified process, from the qualitative point of view, which provides several working phases.

3D Printing

Aiming to offer a more complete service to its customers, Hypertec has decided to be equipped with a 3D printer for rapid prototyping.


Hypertec adopt electronic engineering, which constantly communicates with the mechanics and parallelly accompanies it throughout the design course.

Hypertec Solution is a leader in the mechanical and electronic engineering sector for innovative projects development.

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