Hypertec Solution does not simply provide design and analysis services using the most advanced CAE instruments, but it is also specialized in supporting and offering to its customers development of optimized and innovative solutions and products able to respond to their necessities.

BOTTicelli is an innovative project internally developed by Hypertec in order to respond to a market requirement – in particular the glass bottles makers’ market, which lead to a patent development and to a new highly innovative machinery.

Market necessity: the new measurement system for the world of glass hollow molds BOTTicelli’s born in order to give answers to the necessity of bottles producers to certify the volume of glass containers in order to comply the industry’s rules.

The solution:
BOTTicelli through a measurement system based on a laser technology and a dedicated software owner, guarantees the volume measure of the mold and consequently, the nominal capacity of the bottle in a few minutes, with the measurement attention of 1 cc above 1000 cc.

Road map project

  • 2011 – Birth of market necessity.
  • 2012 – Creation and realization of a proper innovative solution.
  • 2013 – Development of a test bed in order to validate the system.
  • 2013 – Demand of a new patent in Italy for the solution validated by test bed.
  • 2014 – Presentation of the new and innovative measuring machine during the international Glasstec exhibition in Düsseldorf.
  • 2014- Patent extention in Europe
  • 2015 – Patent recognition in Italy and patent extention in Usa and China
  • 2016 – Work does not stop: the engineers’ team of Hypertec is still working in order to optimize and improve BOTTicelli, to guarantee better performances to its partners and clients.

Upgrade ongoing:

  • A new software, in order to manage the two not equally plane of the molds;
  • More user friendly touch screen;
  • Possibility of comparison between the 3D theoretical model and the physical 3D output in order to immediately check where is there any variation on the surface;
  • A new software in order to measure the molds for preforms.


BOTTicelli is an innovative system which allows for the first time to measure the containers’ volume carefully and precisely, permitting to the producer companies to comply the rules.

  • BOTTicelli analyses the mold’s surface, with a laser sensor without any contact, producing a 3D model from measurements, and it measures mathematically the bottles’ volume. It is possible to measure any kind of surface.
  • The operator loads and unloads the molds, with a very simple method; all other functions are automatic.
  • Certified volume measurement, which doesn’t depend on the operators’ capacities.
  • The measurements’ result is not invalidated by these “distortion sources” that usually are verified with an empirical process into the water in order to measure the volume:
    • Presence of grease residuals on the mold’s surface
    • Trapped air (air bubbles)
  • Water density

How does it work:

The operator manually puts the two middle molds and the bottom plate into the machine.
Once the loading phase is finished the automatic cycle phase is activated.
The three molds’ parts are positioned automatically into the measurement station following an appropriate cycle.
Into the measurement station they make a lot of scans to the two half molds’ cavities and to the bottom plate using a laser sensor at highly precision, which allows to calculate the effective volume measurement with a precision of +/-1 cc on 1000 cc.
When the datas’ acquisition phase with laser is finished, the molds are automatically taken to the manual loading/unloading station.
When the process is completed, all the picked up datas permit the creation of an output which includes:
– The value of the measured volume in cc
– The reconstruction of a 3D model bottle, which can be unloaded as a model in .stl when occur
Any operator will be able to use BOTTicelli thanks to its usage simplicity and friendly interface.