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Hypertec Solution LTD was founded in 2011 by the know-how synergistic fusion of five companies located in central and northern Italy, with specific longstanding experience in various industrial sectors.

Because of this synergy, we are able to provide clients with three-hundred-sixty degrees and highly innovative engineering services which are characterized by a great versatility of skills which constitutes one of our distinctive characteristics.

Values which we believe:

INNOVATION: we want to make truly beautiful our customers dreams by working to ensure that their future be our present;

PASSION: our business nurture is constituted by the enthusiasm and the effort spent on the achievement of our goals and willingness to do it together;

HUMAN RESOURCES: people with their expertise, their professionalism and their creativity are the core of our company;

SKILLS: our distinctive character is the ability to dynamically create working groups, characterized by a mix of skills which are suitable to meet the customers contingent requirements in various industrial sectors;

RELATIONS: we constantly invest resources in growing partnership based on transparency, ethics and mutual trust with our customers, our suppliers and all our collaborators.

Our goal for the upcoming years is to continue growing into an organized and structured manner, by continuously diversifying our business and extending our existing customer base even beyond the national borders.

Watch our “Company Profile” video to learn about our engineering services and our expertise.



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Hypertec Solution in order to satisfy its own clients’ expectations through the realization of complex and very innovative projects in competitive time, has decided to reinforce and integrate human resources and technologies.

To do that, we elaborated a quality management system – certified following the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 – in the field of components, groups, machines and installations’ design in industrial sector, efficient, adequately documented and implemented to guarantee intent and behavior unit in accordance with what is shared in our Charter of Values.

Hypertec Solution activated a formative process designed for its employers with the aim to transmit them the importance of these aspects both in design processes and in the service and job quality made for its clients, with whom they want to build a fidelity relationship and partnership based on customer satisfaction, first of all.


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The commitment to observe and put into practice the behavioural guidelines – as it is explained in our “Values Paper” – and the attention to satisfy clients’ expectations, demonstrated by the chosen path for the certification’s achievement ISO9001: 2015, are part of a real Quality Policy (download the file) defined with the achievement of actions, aims and tasks undertaken by Hypertec Solution.

Our aim for the next years is to go on growing in a well organized and structured way, diversifying our business and expanding our actual clients’ park abroad, too.


CRIT is a private company founded in 2000 by a group of prestigious international companies with the aim to benefit from the most advanced information technology tools and positive inter-company synergies.
Currently there are 27 member companies.
The CRIT Excellence Suppliers Network (NFA – Network Fornitori Accreditati) was created from the will of the CRIT partner companies to share their excellent providers. They are certified for the high specialization (in processing, designing, etc.) or for characteristics related to the “high-tech” concept (advanced sensors, new materials, etc.).

Hypertec Solution is present in the CRIT network certified suppliers

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Confindustria is “a great association of interests, attentive to the general problems of the country, guided by the values and the open society” (Abete, 1992).

The fact of being associated with Confindustria means for Hypertec Solution sharing the objective of a tangible contribution to the improvement of the country’s system through an ethical conduct, in accordance with the patterns of behavior, inspired by autonomy and integrity, and developing coherent actions with these objectives.

Data security

Hypertec Solution pays a huge attention and keeps particular sensitivity to the trust that customers show by sharing their know-how. Today we can offer to our customers a high security for the data control and management. Each company computer, used by the staff of Hypertec Solution, is the subject of the following checks: certified access with personal credentials and customized readers in order to regulate access for all those who work within the company; besides that a video surveillance system is installed on all our operational sites.

Innovative PMI

Small and medium-sized enterprises represent the backbone of the economic and production for the national system. Hypertec Solution is by right in the innovative PMI category to which the state encourages the development, since it operates in the field of technological innovation, which today leads the economic growth of our country. As innovative PMI Hypertec Solution meets certain requirements set by the European Union:

• filing and certification of the company financial statements
• a staff of less than 250 people
• a revenue of less than 50 million euro
• a team with the 1/3 staff format holding a master degree
• a patent holder for technological innovation.

Currently the country Innovative PMI are ove 400.

Hypertec Hystory...

August 4

Resources and revenue growth

This year, we expect to reach 6.000 K euros in turnover and that our resources grow up from almost 90 to more than 100 people.
August 4


Hypertec Solution on 15/06/2017 has achieved a quality management system - certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 - in the field of design.
December 4

Resources and revenue growth

This year, our turnover grew to 5.000 K euros and our resources have increased from 70 to nearly 90 employees.

December 1

Innovative PMI

The 1st of December 2016 Hypertec Solution is included in the list of innovative Italian pmi.

June 24

New Skills

Other Hypertec Solution skills: 3D PRINTING, MECHATRONICS, CONFORMITY ISO9001-2015 with CERTIFICATION target for beginning 2017
June 12

The Hypertec Solution Future

Hypertec Solution manages and successfully implement a thriving engineering projects at international level and integrates mechatronic services.
June 30

Resources and revenue growth

this year our sales revenues has grown up to 4.200 K euros and our resources have increased from 50 to 70 professionals
June 30

Resources and revenue growth

this year our sales revenues has grown up to 3.300K euros and our resources have increased from 30 to 50 professionals
June 12

The operational merger

operational merger between Itg, Innovando, Tecs and Procomec in Hypertec Solution. This merger of resources, skills and markets has led to an exponential growth in the structure and an increase of substantial revenues.
June 30

Hypertec Revenues

The revenues reach 940K euros
June 30

Hypertec Revenues

The revenues reach 590K euros
June 11

Hypertec Solution was founded

It was founded the Hypertec Solution that integrates resources, tools and skills obtaining operative synergy in a unique engineering structure capable of developing complex projects in competitive times and covering the whole northern Italy, thanks to its various venues located around the country.
June 11

Birth of TECS

Birth of TECS Srl based in Rovereto to diversify markets and sectors
June 11

LAPCOS Laboratory

LAPCOS is a laboratory of collaborative Design and Simulation which was created to network all companies with complementary engineering skills and to provide highly professional services. The founding shareholders are ITG, PROCOMEC, CRIT and CURTI spa.
June 8


Birth of INNOVANDO Srl to create vertical skills and services for the client TetraPak
June 11

Accredited supplier CRIT

In 2004 ITG SRL e PROCOMEC are certified as accredited supplier of CRIT – RESEARCH and together with CURTI SPA and with CRIT are the funding members of LAPCOS
June 11

Birth of ITG

Birth of ITG Srl engineering company specialized in the packaging sector
June 11


Birth of PROCOMEC Srl engineering company that operates in the Aerospace and Automotive sectors, and that quickly established itself in the Italian market.