The design of complex systems in the aerospace engineering sector requires a solid multidisciplinary basic training ranging from the selection of the most adequate materials to the aircrafts mission analyses, from performances to equipment.

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Hypertec services:

1.Design according to aeronautical standards:

The formulation of aeronautical requirements is the starting point of the optimization process. These requirements allow the designer to elaborate an adequate technical proposal according to the client’s needs, within economic and time limits.

2.Experimental Analysis

Design service, support and analysis to experimental tests that are critical to the validation of this type of projects/machines such as: strain-gage analysis, testing the vibrating benches, thermal testing, mechanical fatigue testing, wear, corrosion.

3. Design with CATIA

CATIA is a world leader solution for its design and its products experience. ds-catia-logo

Hypertec Engineers design with the most widely used 3D modelling software in this sector. This allows to best simulate the design results, thus giving the client a better preemptive control.


4. Structural calculation:

  • FEM Analysisfem-analysis-optimization
    FEM structural analyses (Finite Element Method) allow the calculation of a system structural behavior by
    obtaining displacements, deformations and stresses related to it.


  • CFD Analysis
    CFD analyses (Computational Fluid Dynamics) allow the calculation of a
    system fluid dynamic behavior: they are the most advanced tool that engineers have to create better performing products.
    Through CFD analysis, it is possible to improve products, reduce costs, optimize efficiency and consider phenomena that would otherwise be difficult to observe.disegno

The advantage deriving from the application of FEM and CFD simulations is the possibility to study a system behavior as if it were already operative in order to highlight strengths and weaknesses and to perform the needed optimizations already during the study phase.

For the company this means:

  1. Reduction of the projects time-to-market
  2. Reduction of the prototyping costs
  3. Reduction of the design time
  4. Optimization of the product already during the study phase.


  • Gears Calculationcalcolo-ingranaggi
    kisssoft-ag_logo-400x231With KS software our team can make validation calculation, dimensioning and optimization of machine elements such as gears, axels and rolling bearings, screws, springs, connecting elements and belts.


5. Fluid Elastic Analyses of rotors (helicopters and turbines) with specific software (CHARM)

The software used by Hypertec engineers in the specific field of fluid dynamics is CHARM, a tool that allows the shaping of a complete aerodynamic as well as helicopters and turbines dynamics in any flight condition.


Thanks to CHARM it is possible to take care of the helicopter design with an advanced aerodinamic design and to research emerging new tehcnologies, since it offers a high level of precision and of advanced calculation performances.