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19/07/2017 Start of ProM Facility in Rovereto

ProM Facility’s labs in Rovereto, which are situated inside Polo Meccatronica, opened their doors at companies, researchers and students, in occasion of an event dedicated to a debate about manufacturing perspectives.

ProM Facility constitutes an opportunity also for all those companies which are placed into Polo Meccatronica spaces. And between them, we find Hypertec Solution, which gave its testimony about the importance of new labs for a company set in Polo Meccatronica.

19/06/2017 Helicopter made by Hypertec Solution, Curti and Deltatech


Hypertec Solution, Curti and Deltatech worked together for a project, co-financed by the European Commission, focused on the analysis extensometered in the aeronautical field in application to a rotor of an helicopter’s back end.
The project has been presented during an event promoted by Crit.

04/29/2017 Hypertec Solution in the European top chart concerning the growth

Even the national newspaper il Resto del Carlino wrote about the news concerning the admission of Hypertec Solution into the top chart drafted by Financial Times, which inserts 1,000 European societies with the highest growth rate. Into the “FT 1000 – Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies” ranking, published on last 7th of April, Hypertec Solution conquered the 199th position.



18-04-2017 – The Financial Times published the ‘FT 1000’; a list of the fastest growing companies in Europe. The company is in 199th place.

Hypertec Solution has been selected by the Financial Times as amongst ‘Europe’s fastest growing companies ‘. According to the criteria adopted by the Financial Times, these one thousand businesses are the best growing companies over the whole European panorama. Hypertec Solution, which offers engineering services, is placed in 199th place in the ‘FT 1000′ list’.


See the article on

19-03-2017 – Hypertec Solution participates in designing a helicopter along with an important Italian partner


With the strength of 20 years’ experience in the aerospace sector, Hypertec Solution is today working on a project for the development of a helicopter with an important Italian partner. Thanks to multi-disciplinary expertise within the company it is working side by side with the collaborating company. The work team is capable of transforming a simple idea into an end product, already tested and ready to fly.

Hypertec Solution: the importance of “human factor”

Hypertec Solution s.r.l. was born in 2011 from the know-how synergic fusion of five business realities. It gives to clients engineering services very innovative and characterized by a transversality of competences, which constitutes one of our singularity.

In this video we will know better directors, values which constitute the company’s basis and, in particular, the importance attributed to its “human factor”.

22/06/2016 – Visiting the Hypertec. Mr. Marco Di Maio speaking for innovative PMI.

In the next few years no one will see anymore the new innovative companies as rare species. They will be quite the new connection joints between universities and enterprises, traditional knowledge and technology, talented young people and older managers, local governments and international investors, the city of homegrown province and large foreign metropolises.
Mr. Marco Di Maio, visiting the Hypertec Solution, one of the most significant and yet very few innovative PMI of Italian success has made progress on this phenomenon.

02/05/2016 One of Hypertec Solution members, Daniele Bucci, speaks about the fourth industrial revolution already in progress and the problems related to the broadband deployment.

The fourth industrial revolution is already taking place. Nevertheless, there are still productive areas in Italy, where there is no infrastructure for broadband coverage. The companies are asking for many years to put in place concrete actions in order to meet their needs of daily connectivity.
The regional council of Bologna, through a special invitation, had asked the local authorities to submit expressions of interest by April 15 for the productive areas nomination for the fiber optic infrastructure construction to enable the large and ultra-wideband. Ozzano dell’Emilia is among the provinces which responded to the invitation. met the Mayor


05/06/2016 When companies highlight the fact that they know also to have fun.

In the Kartdrome of San Mauro Mare on the Adriatic Coast, Hypertec Solution has dedicated an afternoon to take part in a go-kart race which was attended by the engineers and managers of this business that for years mark unstoppable and continuous growth successes.


Hypertec Solution Company Profile

Hypertec Solution is an Italian company of Mechanical-Mechatronics Engineering, created from the merger of the know-how of five enterprises with specific longstanding design experience in different sectors of industry. It has five offices, all located in northern Italy: Ozzano (BO), Castel Bolognese (RA), Bertinoro (FO), Rovereto (TN) and Mestre (VE). The company is continuously expanding and it continually seeks new engineers in Italy and around the world by offering new job opportunities, especially for recent graduates.

16/05/2015 Caffè Novecento episode 95: Modena and Bologna (also Biella and Trento)


Caffè Novecento is the talk show dedicated to the business world where entrepreneurs will be telling, revealing their work from the behind of their work scenes.
In this episode, we talk about Emilia region; therefore, also about Hypertec Solution.

Meccatronic Lab Rotor


First episode of Mechatronic Lab, TV program which introduces the mechatronic production chain in the region of Trentino. Produced by Trentino Sviluppo and realized by Decima Rosa. The main subject of this episode is Rotor, a wheel for indoor climbing training, implemented by Climblock in partnership with Tecs and Bonfiglioli Mechatronic Research.

08/07/2014 HYPERTEC SOLUTION – CSDAy 2014


Speech of Eng. Lia Grandi, Hypertec Solution Technical Area, on the topic “Innovative system for the high precision and contactless measurement of volume”. Client Supplier Day CRIT 2014.

Lotus T125 lesson with Jean Alesi – Top Gear – Series 17 – Episode 5 – BBC Two


In the episode of the famous BBC program, you see the car racing designed by Hypertec Solution and Lotus team together.