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Problem: The prediction of the real tracking motion of complex kinematic elements is strongly influenced by the dynamic behaviors of the different elements that compose a mechanisms (rigidity, play, etc.).
Experimentation is still essential, however, it requires long timing for often not so easy set-up and development.
Solution: Through state-of-the-art tools, such as flexible multibody simulators, it is possible to predict, more and more precisely, the actual functioning of the complex kinematics, considering variables such as the rigidity of different elements or the plays on the joints. In this specific case, it was possible to verify the forces acting on the cams and the trajectory of the suction cups, thus obtaining useful information for the improvement of the project and with a consequent increasing of the working speed. The models have been validated with an experimental campaign with accelerometers and other sensors.

Performed activities:

  • Multibody

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