Aiming to offer a more complete service to its customers, in record time and using cutting edge technology with extreme precision, Hypertec has decided to be equipped with a 3D printer for rapid prototyping, and the creation of of particular and kinematic mechanisms already in the study phase.

Thus, it’s possible to pass from the model of a particular or of a virtual three-dimensional kinematic system to CAD 3D at a piece or real physical kinematic motion, without having to install anything, in a few hours, using a wide range of materials with different properties, reaching an accuracy comparable to that of the traditional machine tools machining.

Tecnologie utilizzate

  • PolyJet
  • SLS and composite materials


  • full service from concept to the actual product
  • greater free choice of the three-dimensional shape of the finished part, simplifying and eliminating the constraints related to the traditional realization of the machine tool.
  • time drastic reduction in the testing phase and new product trial
  • realization in a few hours of a mock-up for immediate functional verification of even complex kinematic mechanisms and assembly test