Hypertec Solution in collaboration with CINECA, offers the most powerful and advanced computational calculation systems, together with our most qualified engineers.

With our computational analysis we are able to optimize the design of a component ensuring the compliance with final objectives already by the end of the design stage.

This allows a reduction of time and costs for the product development.

  • Kinematic and dynamic simulation
  • Simulation of thermal exchange by conduction, convection and radiation
  • Crash analysis

CFD: Computational fluid dynamic

The CFD calculation tools, through the numerical resolution of Navier-Stokes and Fourier equations, allows a provisional analysis of the behavior of fluids in motion, in transient and steady-state regime, and thermal exchange analysis both in monophasic and biphasic fields.

FEA: Structural linear and nonlinear analysis

The analysis through FEM calculation tools allow appropriate structural dimensioning of the mechanical components subject to different kind of stress. Also, they are applicable on both the elastic field and on the plastic deformations.

  • Buckling
  • Random Vibration