We develop and produce static and dynamic testing facilities to run analyzes and simulations of systems and kinematical capabilities.


Implemented activities:

  • Analysis of the product and the required actions
  • Analysis and definition of geometries necessary to accomplish the requested actions
  • Manual test stand designing to define the necessary actions for the processing
  • Achieved results analysis, product characterization after the performed works with the test stand


Automatic test stands designing to define:

  • Better processing technology (eg. Identification of sonotrodes for welding, definition of motors, pneumatic actuators etc …)
  • Validation of a group – automatic system, the study of motion laws and practical calculation of the cycle time

Implemented activities

  • Test stand layout implementation
  • Documentation for construction, installation, functional tests


Automatic test stands designing for the identification and the wear test of particular mechanical or critical commercials.

Implemented activities:

  • Test stand designing starting from a situation of an existing machine
  • Definition of an accelerated working cycle with controlled climate conditions (temperature, humidity, chemical boundary conditions …)
  • Implementation of a test report for periodic controls
  • Implementation of the automatic control systems bench with downloading data on plc, which provide the wear remoted control, without having to stop and to remove the stand
Great experience in data Acquisition: we adopt a scientific approach to the problems, which combines computing and simulation theories to experimental testing in the field to obtain an effective feedback about the behavior of the mechanical systems.
Reliability analysis of a mechanical “system” from single components to a complex assembly: from the analysis of the breaking of a piece, to the solution optimized to Cad and validated by experimental analysis in the laboratory and / or in the field, thanks to a large experience in Failure Analysis, high knowledge of both theoretical for the design calculation and simulation and practical for tests and experimental validation.