Aerospace engineering has to keep in consideration many phenomena of aerodynamic, structural, thermal and mechanical nature in order to dimension properly the structure, the propulsion system and the aerodynamic profile of required means and machines.
Thanks to high quality standards, Hypertec contributes to the creation and the definition of solutions for projects and experiments in the aerospace and aeronautic fields.

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With the strength of 20 years’ experience in the aerospace sector, Hypertec Solution is today working on a project for the development of a helicopter with an important Italian partner. Thanks to multi-disciplinary expertise within the company, it is working side by side with the collaborating company. The work team is able to transform a simple idea into an end product, already tested and ready to fly.

Offered Services

  • Solutions for aerospace projects
  • Structural and thermal analysis
  • Structural and modal analysis
  • Management of prototype construction
  • Management of first in lab test trials
  • Specialized and innovative engines and turbines
  • Carbon casing designing
  • Supporting structure of cast designing