“Renewable energy” is referred to the production of energy with specific natural resources than cannot be extinguished, as they are regenerated at the same speed as they are consumed.
These resources are considered alternative to traditional exhaustible and polluting fossil fuels, also because they are “clean”, i.e., they don’t release harmful or adulterating substances such as CO2.

Hypertec designs green energy plants and it’s specialized in next generation windmill blades and photovoltaic systems.

It also provides its clients with engineering, calculation and simulation services with the aim to reduce CO2, according to a vision of green life cycle assessment of products and processes, in order to reduce emissions and consumptions of already existing products and plants.

  • Green energy plants
  • Next generation windmill blades
  • Photovoltaic systems

Offered Services

  • Definition of layout
  • Mechanical design
  • Fluid dynamic analysis
  • Structural analysis
  • Metal replacement
  • Design and patent of a new centrifugal safety brake for overspeed
  • Support for prototype construction and pre-series construction
  • Design of product assembling plants