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Hypertec Solution LTD was founded in 2011 by the know-how synergistic fusion of five companies located in central and northern Italy, with specific longstanding experience in various industrial sectors.

Because of this synergy, we are able to provide clients with three-hundred-sixty degrees and highly innovative engineering services which are characterized by a great versatility of skills which constitutes one of our distinctive characteristics.

Our Team

Abramo Giuseppe

I’ve always wanted to understand the operating principle of all the things that surrounds me, with a particular attention to the mechanics and motors world, which are my biggest passions. That’s why I do my job with enthusiasm, determination and responsability. In Hypertec I found a young and stimulating environment, that allows me to deal with new challenges every day and to grow professionally.

Alberto Alai

Since I have been a little kid, I have been curious and passionate for mechanics and machinery, and I have decided to make it my job. In Hypertec, I am always faced with new challenges.

Baffa Marco Francesco

As an engineer, I apply passion and seriousness in realizing complex machinery. In Hypertec, I have found dynamism, confidence and growth opportunities.

Besenzoni Edoardo

I have chosen this profession because it is an expression of human genius for me. I employ with seriousness, professionality and dedication in the activity that allows me to pursue my passion for mechanics and mechanical engineering. Hypertec Solutions is an engineering company that goes beyond the generic concept of business but pursuing dreams, projects and does everything to achieve them.

Bazzocchi Giuseppe

I always liked to discover how things work and put into practice what I have learned, perhaps by applying it to something new. I love to explore in depth arguments and details. I work with professionality, commitment and fairness in a company like Hypertec which pursues the passion for innovation and the taste for challenges and that aims to the continuous growth day after day.

Benedetti Paolo

The passion that follows me since I was a little kid is definitely that of automation, mechanics and robotics. I have chosen to do this profession because it regards an industry that arouses a great interest in me and I am sure it will give me great satisfactions.
Hypertec Solution is a reality in which you can learn a lot and a place where I can unleash my passion. Commitment and cooperation are used in each project; furthermore, everyone in the company plays a vital role for the success of a project and this increases the enthusiasm and commitment.

Bertin Marco

I’ve always loved taking apart and reassembling objects. I put so much passion in my work, with determination and I’m consistent in the choices I make, and respectful of people. Hypertec is a challenging environment where you can learn by aiming at ever more ambitious goals and working on different engineering projects and ideas.

Borghini Edoardo

As a child I used to dream about being a scientist and inventor. I do not know if I have come close to it, but I like what I do in Hypertec Solution. Hypertec is the project where I believe in, that I contributed to create it, and I want to contribute to the growth by working with responsibility and honesty with respect, and with full confidence, in others.

Biondi Lorenzo

Hypertec is a company where you can feel the desire to grow, improve and become more competitive on the market. It is a place where you feel comfortable and where you feel welcomed from the first moment as an important individual who is 100% part of the growth project; that is why I am honest, loyal and calm in work because I’ve always liked to “work things out” and here in Hypertec, I can gain experience in doing so.

Bonoli Omar

I have chosen to do this profession because I love to solve problems and get involved in more and more interesting challenges in the mechanical field. In Hypertec I have found a competitive and competent company, which enhances the human factor.

Bonzi Luca

I have always had a passion for mechanics, so much so that I have chosen as the workplace, by employing flexibility, spirit of collaboration and efficiency. In Hypertec, I have found the pursuit of innovation, dynamic spirit and multidisciplinary approach.

Calzolari Maria Laura

I chose management control, because I love doing different things and I like the way everything matches. In Hypertec I found a young, innovative and stimulating company, and that’s why I work in a serious, honest and meticulous way.


Bucchi Barbara

Hypertec is a dynamic, young and growing company. I work by contributing with seriousness, reliability and availability

Bulgarelli Marco

Mechanics is one of my passions. That is why I have made scientific and technical studies and then choose to take the Mechanical Engineer job. I have chosen to work in Hypertec because it allows me to participate in more projects involving different sectors.

Calboli Leonardo

As an engineer, I work with passion and reliability in implementing new and complex projects. In Hypertec, I have found the dynamism and the spirit of cooperation.

Caracausi Caterina

I think that Hypertec is one of the most interesting realities of the industrial and business Italian panorama, that’s why I chose to become part of the team, working with passion, competences, professionality and using my knowledges derived also by my passions: art, literature and music.

Cassani Stefano

My passion for the automatic machines has emerged from a summer job, and has only grown since there. I work with respect, using the maximum effort in a team, that of Hypertec, being always serious and collaborative.

Capellini Elisa

I get along well in Hypertec because its values and characteristics of those working are in line with mines: passion, creativity, enthusiasm, determination and intelligence.

Ceccarelli Giacomo

As an engineer, I work with passion and reliability in implementing new and complex projects. In Hypertec, I have found the dynamism and the spirit of cooperation.

Cefaloni Andrea

I have always loved physics and to understand how the things around me are made. It’s something which I try to do in my job with passion and patience. In Hypertec, I have found the continuous innovation trend and a friendly and welcoming environment.

Chiarelli Francesco

I love to solve problems and improve the quality of people’s lives, something that automatic machines (and engineering in general) have as their main aim. The constant improvement is definitely the value which I pay more attention to, in every aspect that is part of my work.

Cindolo Marco

Since I was a child my passions were speed velocity and technology, and this is why I chose to become an engineer; in order to cultivate my interests and to deal every day with different challenges without stopping learning. I chose Hypertec, because it’s a big reality constantly growing, which really cares about training and which is active at 360 degrees.

Coromano Simone

My passion is to design, think and conceive anything mechanical and physical working with dedication, honesty and searching for the best result. To do this, Hypertec is a beautiful reality, is at the forefront and I found in the team a sense of mutual respect and desire to always get improved.

Cupo Alessandro

Since I was a kid I liked to do small jobs as a mechanical, I used to enjoy doing things well, thus once the school was finished, I decided to enroll at the Faculty of Engineering and study to become an engineer. In my opinion, Hypertec is a company that stands for innovation, competence and passion.

D’Auria Federico

When I was a child I wanted to know how the objects around me were made. I used to take anything apart. Then I understood that as an engineer I would be able to find out how things work. In Hypertec Solution I have the opportunity to work on innovative projects and transversal skills with a 360 degree approach.

Dosso Marino

I come from the automotive world and I have chosen mechanical engineering because it involves a creative, and rigorous at the same time, modus operandi. In my work, I employ imagination, aesthetic sense and at the same rationality.

Zedde Nicola

I’ve always loved flights and aeronautic constructions. Here at Hypertec Solution I can work hard in order to develop useful knowledges for the design of innovative and interesting machines into engineering different fields.

Descovich Andrea

I have always been fascinated by the spatial and mechanical sector. The profession that I have chosen allows me to roam in these fields, or even in others, acquiring multiple skills, which is why I work with commitment, ambition and desire to learn. In Hypertec, I have found extreme competence and at the same time a friendly and relaxing working environment.

Fantini Giulio

I chose to work in Hypertec because it is an extremely dynamic reality, which focuses on people. Therefore, I work with dedication, passion, respect and humility.

Dragone Paolo

I decided to work in Hypertec because it is a company where live together freshness, innovation and passion, and which allows me to nurture and develop my passions with a technical and engineering approach.

Fabbri Davide

I chose this job because I am a curious person, and I’d like to explore all fields of engineering. I work in Hypertec with commitment, creativity and willingness because I have found a team that applies as united and with passion, to find leading-edge engineering solutions.

Faggi Elia

My passion has always been motorcycling, which is why I have chosen this profession: toe b confronted every day with new challenges in this field and in that of mechanics in general. I have chosen Hypertec because it is a dynamic and fast growing company, where I have found a great team spirit and cooperation.

Giordani Nicola

I have chosen to do this profession because the mechanical engineering is a fulfilling and never monotonous activity which I employ myself in with passion and commitment. In Hypertec, I have found a company that gathers professionality, competence and dynamism together.

Ferrarese Gastone

I have chosen to be an engineer because it is stimulating, constructive, exciting, never boring and repetitive. In Hypertec, I found a friendly and friendly environment.

Ginestri Fabio

I work in Hypertec to give life to my passions: technology, speed and mechanics, because it is a laboratory where there are met and concretized customer needs. I believe in training and continuous improvement, in transparency and accountability.

Garavini Davide

Solving problems – that often no one knows – and realizing what people think and design, is the reason why I decided to become an electronic engineer.
Very important is the research about high level of efficiency, both for the method of working and during the steps of design and realization. Hypertec is an innovative company, a quiet environment where we deal with difficult problems, but you are not alone.

Graziano Antonio

am passionate for designing and finding innovative solutions in my job. In Hypertec, I have met competent professionals with whom I may confront but also have a nice time and communicate with.

Grimaldi Matteo

I chose to work in the field of industry automation, because it is a dynamic contest, always in evolution, and that needs both technical competences and creativity; furthermore, it is a very practical job and it’s connected to the necessities of a product’s realization. Hypertec is a young group and made of young and talented people with experience; it is the perfect place where you can grow professionally and humanly.giovane e di giovani in cui convivono esperienza e talento; è il luogo ideale per poter crescere sia professionalmente che umanamente.

Guadagni Gaia

Hypertec is a constantly growing company, dynamics and innovative, that’s why I chose to work here, using my competences and knowledges about foreign languages and working hard with determination, responsability and enthusiasm.

Gulmanelli Stefano

As a child, curiosity made me dismounting toys to understand its technology, today my passion has not changed and I continue to discover new technologies even with the same awe, thanks to my work. Having a method allows you to be able to design without limits, but it’s needed to have a cooperative team of motivated people to achieve something amazing. In Hypertec, we are always ready to dive into new worlds to be explored, persistent to seek a seemingly impossible solution, willing to get involved, maniacs in the search for improvement and optimization, sometimes available to teach but often to learn … these are the people that constitute the company, and are also its value.

Iadanza Vincenzo

I’ve chosen to work in Hypertec because the design of automatic machines allows my creativity to unleash. Hypertec is a solid and fast growing company. Availability of managers, team spirit of the design team, young and motivated environment make it a great family where you can grow and freely express yourself.

Lo Voi Edoardo

I chose to study Engineering in order to acquire necessary knowledges to understand the operating principles of different mechanics’ applications, to improve them and realize new ones. By working in Hypertec – innovative and avant-garde company – I think to be able to realize my intent, also thanks to the support of a very collaborative team.

Magnani Gianluca

I have chosen to do this profession because it is the realization of a process undertaken as a child following the dream of creating something in the world of mechanics. My passion has always been in fact to repair vintage motorcycles.

Marchiori Fabrizio

Mechanics is a passion that I inherited from my dad. I like trying valid solutions to small and large challenges encountered in my work and that’s why I employ myself with dedication, commitment and spirit of cooperation. Hypertec is like a big family for me, which thinks about the future: a united team that is committed to achieve a common goal.

Molea Luigi

I chose this job because I like to use my knowledge to create new things and to look for alternative solutions to engineering challenges. At Hypertec I have found a stimulating and fast growing environment where work is carried out with responsibility and determination.

Mambelli Michele

Mazzuca Stefano

I work in Hypertec with humility and dedication because it is a dynamic, cohesive and flexible company allowing me to realize what I’ve studied and sacrificed.

Mercuriali Roberto

I think Hypertec is a beautiful mosaic where each person with his own personality, own interests, own skills, composes a card which makes a unique and wonderful picture. I have chosen to work here because I like to improve what there is … and create what is missing!

Montebelli Paolo

Since I was a little kid, I have always been passionate about motorcycles, and I have chosen this profession to be able to design my dreams. I work with passion, dedication and humility in a team of professionals, those of Hypertec, which allows everyone to give their best in his own sector.

Monducci Fabio

Each project in Hypertec comes thanks to the collaboration of the group which I also am part of: I am fascinated by the idea to see moving in the real world what has been designed and planned using the PC.

Montalbano Stefano

Since I was a child I demonstrated a particular interest for mechanics, I like to solve problems and to use my fantasy to invent innovative mechanical solutions. Working in Hypertec Solution represents a great opportunity of professional growth for me, also thanks to the importance that Hypertec gives to the team work.

Montanari Luca

I am passionate about engines since childhood, I write for a magazine of this sector for many years and I have always wanted to do this profession since my primary school. During my working hours, I employ passion, precision, strictness, creativity, consistency, style and attention to people.

Pazzagli Simone

I do this profession to get the chance and the taste to see practically realized objects or just imagined or made on paper systems. Hypertec is a company committed to achieving ambitious targets, open to subjects and innovative projects of any type and gender.

Monti Claudio

I decided to work in Hypertec to follow my passion for motorcycles and my previous experience in mechanics: to design starting from the idea to the finished product, it means to be within at 100% of the product engineering. Hypertec as a company is able to provide innovative technologies and ideas. Its values, which I share and I apply, are respect, responsibility and quality.

Motta Simone

I chose to study engineering, because I’m fascinated by innovation, in particular the one concerning the mechanics’ field, from automotive sector to plant design and installation and renewables. That’s why I deal with my job with the willing to learn, with a sense of collaboration with other collegues and wishing to give my contribute everyday. Hypertec is a company where I can put myself to the test dealing with new challenges.

Nicoletti Guendalina

I like to learn new things, also through travels and travelling allows me to expand my personal experiences in every field. I chose to study Engineering, because I wanted to use my knowledges in order to improve the already existent industrial applications and to design new ones. I do my job with dedication, passion and curiousity, in order to enlarge my knowledges.

Piraino Emanuele

I have always been attracted by challenges and by “do to reach a goal”: every day I pre-set at least one and it must be achieved. In work as in life my values are respect and collaboration, to live peaceful with yourself and with others.

Petri Fabio

One of my passions are the engines, and I pursue my interest in the world of mechanics even in my daily work, so I carry it with interest, curiosity and accuracy thanks to a stimulating and well-structured company as Hypertec Solution.

Petrini Elia

I’ve always been keener on the technical and scientific subjects; hence I took the decision to study mechanical engineering for my passion about motorsports. When I joined the company in 2011, I have found a group of guys who worked well together, with commitment and dedication to very interesting projects and they taught me everything I know now with great availability and patience.

Pezzi Enrico

I am very fond of each type of vehicle, the same passion that drove me to do this profession and to carry it forward while efficiently and effectively keeping the focus on the goal. In Hyertec I have found the ideal partner for technical innovation and knowledge, for availability and flexibility.

Rossetti Michele

My passion is to transform an idea sketched out a white paper into reality. Here in Hypertec I met people who know how to deal with big challenges concerning the mechanics, aerospace and automotive engineering, in lowered time and with big results.

Ravaglia Romeo

I devote myself with precision and desire to learn this profession because mechanical engineering is a field that offers many opportunities. I chose to work in Hypertec because it is a company where you will find a friendly and cooperative atmosphere, and mutual support.

Ricci Curbastro Fabio

My passion is the mechanical engineering and in particular the automatic machinery, work on prototypes and research involving new technologies. I work in Hypertec to deal with what I think is the real essence of engineer image: the design, from conception to the practical implementation of the solution.

Rimondi Fabrizio

I have chosen to do this profession because my passion, besides music and travel, has always been motorcycling. I approach to work in Hypertec with creative spirit and to tackle each challenge with determination, especially in wanting to always give the most effective and innovative solution from an engineering point of view to the customer.
Hypertec provide companies with a quality service, based on the work of a trained team of engineers for solving a wide range of variables. It listens to the needs of the customer for creating a collaborative relationship based on a mutual cultural enrichment, of experience and also an economical one.

Tallarico Eugenio

I am a great fan of engines and automation, and I have always been interested in understanding the operation of components which have their own mechanics. I chose to work at Hypertec because it is a cutting-edge company where competence, availability and cohesion are its keystones.

Ruffo Maria Francesco

Science and Engineering are my biggest passions, because there’s always something new to learn; that’s the reason why I chose to become an engineer, in order to understand the operating principle of things. I work in Hypertec with perseverance and determination, because it is a well-organized company and that focuses on goals.

Russo Giuseppe

My passion has always been Information Technology and I work in the field while searching to be helpful, courteous and prompt. I like Hypertec because it is an organized, imaginative and productive company.

Sabatino Giovanni

The passion for mechanical engineering brought me from Palermo in Emilia Romagna, in Hypertec, an expanding reality, made up of people who give their best every day, where I have the opportunity to get involved in constantly new situations. I try to do my job with respect, accuracy, reliability and always looking for the confrontation with colleagues and clients.

Zito Antonio

I do this job because it allows me to pursue my passion: designing. In the work, commitment, passion and dedication are fundamental and I found these values in Hypertec, along with the tendency to keep pace with the times and modern technologies.

Seggi Gaetano

I was born in Syracuse and I love mechanics’ constructions – in addition to sea and art. I chose to become an engineer in order to transform the beauty of an idea into something concrete, and that’s why I work with dedication and enthusiasm in Hypertec.

Spinozzi Vincenzo

I’ve always had a predisposition towards scientific subjects, and it is this that led me to become an engineer. Hypertec is a company that wants to keep growing by accompanying the development of its customers, and that’s why I work with respect, seriousness with regard to both colleagues and customers, and commitment.

Taccioli Gianni

My passion was born in engines, in everything which one can “make his hands dirty” with and which are born in new challenges every day. I try to do my job with a humble attitude by pursuing it in the best way, with professionalism and serenity. In Hypertec, I have found a team of beautiful people doing a job of the highest standards.

Turco Adolfo

Through my work in Hypertec, I follow my passions in electronics and automation technologies.

Tramonti Filippo

I have chosen to do this profession because the automotive is in my DNA. In fact, I work with passion, desire and curiosity in a team, that of Hypertec, which has a “racing” know-how and human capital.

Trevisan Diego

I devote myself with passion and seriousness to the mechanical engineering because I have always loved the idea of creating something from the beginning. In Hypertec, we are a team where everyone makes a contribution for creating something groundbreaking.

Tuberosa Brando

I have chosen to work in Hypertec, a multifaceted, precise, unconventional reality, because it allows me to follow one of my passions: motorcycles that represent the mechanics, which translates into a sense of power, speed and freedom.

Visintin Claudio

I have chosen to do this profession and devote myself with passion and dedication, because designing is very stimulating, it requires intuition and imagination and gives a great satisfaction. Hypertec Solution is a dynamic young company which allows me to test myself in various fields and which guarantees transversal competences.

Vegliò Francesco Maria

As an engineer, I work with passion and seriousness in achieving large projects. In Hypertec, I have found dynamism, confidence and growth opportunities.

Versari Stefano

My passion is motorsport. In fact I chose this profession because that’s what I like to do, I’m passionate about and I do it willingly with passion and commitment. In Hypertec, I have found a company of people that is expanded several fields of machine building. Its worth is the people within it, and its values are respect, responsibility, quality, innovation, knowledge / meritocracy.

Visentin Nicola

What fascinates me are the mechanics and technology, especially applied the world of sport and that’s why I have chosen this job, to create projects from scratch and see them realized: there is no greater satisfaction. Hypertec means a little of this, the possibility of having the future between the hands and to be a part of it.

Zappi Eleonora

In my immagination, an engineer is someone able to build and manage the more difficult designs. This is the reason why, from the moment I graduated and started my journey in Hypertec, I haven’t lost my curiosity for new challenges, dedication and precision.

Vitali Stefano

Mechatronics has always been my greatest passion and obsession, that’s why I look for and apply an innovative spirit, curiosity, dedication for clients and the appreciation for my collegues while working. This is possible in Hypertec, an innovative and constantly growing company, based on the human factor esteem for collaborators, clients and partners.


Vulcano Giovanni

Together with movies and TV series, my biggest passion are motors, and because I wanted to follow this passion, I chose to become an engineer: in order to always deal with new and stimulating challenges. In Hypertec I found a dynamic work environment where working with my team is a pleasure.

Zanzi Massimiliano

When I started working in Hypertec, I quickly realized that, despite the difficulties which can sometimes arise, it is a familiar and positive environment. That is why I work with professionality and commitment.